Chapter 1 Origin of Brewing Alcoholic Beverages

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1.1 Different Opinions of Origin of Brewing Alcoholic Beverages

The alcoholic beverages made from grains have been dominating Chinese brewing industry in China, while fruit wine has a tiny share. Therefore the problem of origin of brewing alcoholic beverages in fact is a discussion of how alcoholic beverages were brewed by using grains.

1.1.1 Legends of origin of Brewing Alcoholic Beverages

In ancient times , the origin of brewing alcoholic beverages were considered to owe to some one's invention, saying they were grandfathers of brewing alcohol. The sayings had such a great influence upon people that they were taken for granted and became established opinions, about which an ancient book entitled 《 Jiu Pu 》 (Alcoholic Beverages' Records ) of Song Dynasty used to doubt about it, it says all the folklore's of origin of brewing alcoholic beverages were lack of facts and unreasonable and unreliable. Although these folklores are unreasonable, they can be considered a school of traditional culture. In view of it, it is necessary to conclude these legends as follows: Yi Di started brewing of Alcoholic Drinks

It was said that during Xia Dynasty when a ruler named Yu was in power, Yi Di invented brewing of alcoholic drinks. A historical book named 《Lu Shi Chunqiu》 written in two centuries B.C. says, "Yi Di brewed alcoholic drinks." Another historical book named 《Zhanguoce 》 by Liu Xiang of Han Dynasty gave a further explanation, "In the past, Yi Di, a daughter of Emperor Yu, brewed a tasteful alcoholic drink, and then tributed it to Ruler Yu, who drank it and felt cheerful, saying: 'There must be some imperial rulers indulged in alcoholic drinking in the future, which will lead to loss of their imperial power. ' He then gave an order to Yi Di stopping brewing the drink to Yi Di." Du Kang Invented Brewing of Alcoholic Drinks

One legend says that Du Kong originated brewing of alcoholic drinks, (Du Kong lived in Xia Dynasty ). 《Explanation of Articles and words 》 issued in East Han Dynasty explained the term of "alcoholic drink" saying: "Du Kong brewed kaoling alcoholic drink." Another book named 《Shi Ben 》 holds the same opinion
Picture Dukang's Tomb in Henang Province Brewing of alcoholic drinks started in the period of Huang Di —a tribe chief.

Another legend indicated that the people of Huang Di Era started brewing of alcoholic drinks . One works called 《Huang Di Nie Jing · Su Wen 》 recorded the detailed conversation carried between Huang Di and Qi Bo, Huang Di inquired, "How to make sweet alcoholic drink from rice ?" Qi Bo answered, "Rice must be needed and rice straw is also used to heat the rice; but rice should be in a fine quality and the flame great enough as well." 《Huang Di Nie Jing 》 also mentioned an old alcoholic drink—Lilou which was brewed by using the animal's milk . Huang Di was our common ancestor of Chinese nationalities, a lot of inventions occurred during Huang Di's period. 《Huang Di Nie Jing 》 was actually written by a group of authors in the name of Huang Di, what were recorded in the book true to the facts or not need further testifying for this reason.

1.1.1. 4 Alcoholic Drinking Occurred in Harmony with the Existence of the Universe

A more mythological legend said, "There exists a god of alcoholic drinks, which was brewed when the universe existed."
Although there are a variety of legends about the origin of alcoholic drinks, it can be concluded that the brewing of alcoholic drinks started as early as during Xia Dynasty or ever earlier than that, which has been proved by what the archaeologists have discoverd. Xia Dynasty existed 4,000 years ago, however over 5000-years- old vessels that were used to brew alcoholic drinks have been discovered. 《 Xing Ming Evening Daily 》 published an article entitled 《 The Oldest Chinese Characters are discovered in Ju County, Shangdong Province, China》on 23rd. August, 1987, its subtitle 《 Over 5, 000- year- old -brewing-alcoholic-drink vessels are also discovered》 , which shows that brewing of alcoholic drinks came into existence at least as early as 5,000 years or it originated even earlier than that time. In the distant ancient time, people chanced to find some alcoholic drink naturally fermented, then began to copy it. It might take a fairly long time to complete it

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