Chinese Alcohol Drinking Vessels

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Chinese Drinking Vessels

7.1 Ancient Drinking Vessels

In different historical periods, due to the increasing development of social economy, the making technique, materials, shapes and designs of drinking vessels responded to the development and took on various shapes and designs hard for one's eyes to follow. The drinking vessels can be classified into the following according to their making materials:

  • Drinking vessels made of natural materials (wood, bamboo wares, animal horns, conches and calabashes)
  • Drinking vessels made of potter-clay.
  • Drinking vessels made of bronze.
  • Paint-coated drinking vessels.
  • China drinking vessels.
  • Drinking vessels made of jade and crystal.
  • Drinking vessels made of gold and silver.
  • Drinking vessels made of tin.
  • Cloisonn "Arial" drinking vessels.
  • Glass Drinking vessels.
  • Aluminum tins.
  • Drinking vessels made of stainless steel.
Fig. 7.1.1
Fig. 7.1.2 Silver Kettle of Song Dymasty
Fig. 7.1.3 Golden Cup of Tang Dynasty
Fig. 7.1.4 Silver Cup of Tang Dynasty
Fig. 7.1.5 Kettle with Five Mouth
Fig. 7.1.6 Jade Cup of Ming Dynasty
Fig. 7.1.7 Jade Cup of Ming Dynasty
Fig. 7.1.8 Jade Cup of Tang Dynasty

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