Tuak Education and Appreciation

In anticipation of our Spirits of the Harvest tuak competition scheduled on 31 August at Awana Longhouse Genting, we are pleased to conduct a preview and promo session called "Tuak Education and Appreciation" in Bangsar, Sunday 3pm, August 4th 2013.

This session will introduce tuak as a traditional Sarawak brew with some demonstration on making tuak and the different stages of fermentation. There will be an explanation on the difference between traditional methods and modern methods. Our focus for the session would be a demonstration for making tuak using the improvised and alternative method.

For this purpose, we will bring ingredients and materials for making tuak like cooked glutinous rice, yeast and the related utensils. We will also bring several brewing tuak in different stages stored in clear plastic bottles and explain the process involved.  Smell the aroma of ethanol in the air.  Listen to the bubbles passing through as small bottle of water which functions as an airlock and process indicator and watch the yeast brew a storm in the jar, literally!

As you can see, it will be a graphic and alcoholic experience which involves all five senses, with the sense of taste and smell being the tool to appreciate the final product.

Besides a demonstration of tuak making, the event includes a tuak tasting session with up to 6 types of tuak (some from our own batches and some others), with explanations on different methods of making tuak, the influence of yeast culture used and the duration of keeping the tuak. If time permits, we will also include a method of determining the alcohol level of tuak.

So block your day on Sunday, 4th August 2013 coz there will be finger food (if we run out, don't give us the finger), plenty of tuak to sample and as an added bonus, a good deal of knowledge to go with your drink.

TEA Time Schedule

2.30pm Arrival of guests
3.00pm A toast for Tuak
Intro, credits and recognitions
3.05pm Tuak History
Down memory lane
Origins of Tuak
3.15pm Tuak in the village
Myths and beliefs, taboos and more
3.30pm Tuak in the city
 A spiritual journey
 Adapt and improve
Practice makes perfect, almost
My little minnions 
4.30pm Scientifically speaking
What's the fuss about
Taboos and boohoos
How high is high?
Meth for methanol
5.00pm Life's a batch (sampling of batches)
5.20pm Mixology, it's a mixed feeling 
5.45pm Q&A, Discussion
6.00pm End. Drive Safe.